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Our team has interviewed over 4000 participants in healthcare research.


With facilities designed for simulated use and partnerships with local simulation labs, we can accommodate complex summative human factors validation studies.


Consultants are versed in the design and testing of labels, packaging, and user manuals. Often, tests are carried out iteratively to validate changes made throughout testing.


Team members have been published in medical journals, hosted healthcare-focused webinars, and presented at medical association meetings and conferences.


User Centric has conducted user research in pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, and physician offices.


Our studio features dual lab viewing with rooms that can simulate a number of hospital environments, such as a nurse reacting to alarm condition from an adjoining room.


Using clinician-centered design, we evaluate all aspects of Health IT including how processes are impacted by the introduction of new technology in a clinical setting.



Leaders in Healthcare UX Research

Clients trust User Centric to handle formative and summative research including 510K submission. Our experienced teams apply consistent and rigorous research and the knowledge to navigate and interpret FDA guidance.

Gavin Lew, Managing Director of User Centric, talks about User Centric's experience in Healthcare

Our team is frequently called on to develop a sound user experience research methodology and apply it to a variety of healthcare domains including medical devices, equipment, packaging/labels, electronic health records, pills, instructions for use, and injection devices.

With clients like Abbott, American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), Baxter, and the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, we recognize the impact of our research and, for certain projects, the strict Federal review process of the results.

Lab studies include simulated use in home, pharmacies, and clinical settings.  We have also conducted field work in a variety of environments, such as independent, chain, and hospital pharmacies, hospital labs, ICUs, specialist clinics, as well as professional conferences. Our participants have included physicians, nurses, pharmacists, pharmacy  technicians, lab  technicians, and patients (adults, children, and caregivers).

"User Centric has shown its resource capabilities and reliability in planning and executing large-scale global studies. Their work has been flawless in all aspects including equipment logistics, recruiting, protocol creation and translation, data analysis and reporting."

Edmond Israelski
Director of Human Factors, Abbott

on working with User Centric over the past eight years.

Quick Facts

4000+ Participants tested for healthcare research

150 Healthcare projects

30 Publications including presentations, articles, and papers

25+ Healthcare clients

User Centric consultants are actively involved with AAMI, CCHIT, the Healthcare TG of HFES, and NIST. We also regularly leverage contacts close to, as well as inside the FDA to stay up to date on the regulatory process.


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