User Researchers/Usability Experts/Designers: User Centric is Looking for Talented People in Chicago

December 14, 2010

“We are looking for talented people…”

It seems that every third job posting for user interface design or user research starts with this statement.

User Centric is looking for talented people…but instead of posting something traditional, let me take a different perspective and write about what it is like to work at User Centric and hopefully you’ll realize it is where you want to go with your career.

Our goal is to affect positive change in the user experience. User Centric is a company that is privileged to have projects where the outcomes can influence the lives of millions - or sometimes just a handful. What we do has meaning and it begins with a desire to understand how people interact with technology.

In any given month at User Centric, you might work on a project that will make daily tasks easier for 40 million users… and then switch gears to then work on a different project where the impact is extremely personal (in one example, after a test session, the user thanked me because in her words, “This product will change the way my kids will look at their mother”).

Opportunities like these frequently emerge at User Centric because we work on a diverse set of experiences and technologies. We apply our knowledge, methodologies, and skills toward many different types of products across different environments. At User Centric, you will find yourself applying design and user experience techniques to small screen interfaces, mobile devices, in-car applications, health care products, call center applications, consumer products, and business applications. Technology is converging and so are the domains we work on.

When it comes to understanding user experience, there is no perfect approach in design or single way to capture and measure the experience. We continue to evolve our practices and techniques with each and every project. We encourage our team members to learn and educate their colleagues. User Centric is a place where I can say that I learn something new almost every day.

Ultimately what allows us to enjoy our work is our team. Our employees at User Centric make all the difference. We have found we’re more insightful and creative practitioners when we can leverage the experience and intellect of a great team. And we have fun together! There is a tremendous energy that comes out when our teams work on user research and interface design projects.

User Centric is looking for people who want to make a positive kind of difference - people who want to learn about multiple knowledge domains and work on more than just one type of product. You will never be bored at User Centric.

We are looking for:

  • Smart, passionate, articulate, and dedicated individuals who are excited about working with new technologies and are also
  • Looking forward to contributing to insightful, creative teams and
  • Think that the ideal job would let them learn something new almost everyday.

If you are a user interface designer, user experience researcher, cognitive engineer, information architect, usability specialist, or something that sounds vaguely similar, feel free to contact me directly to learn more about what User Centric offers.

I believe that you will be hard pressed to find a firm with a more diverse set of projects that will challenge you across so many domains.

We are looking for positions in the suburbs of Chicago with potential to move to our downtown offices in a year.

Please email a cover letter and resume to info[at]

-Gavin Lew, Managing Director

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