UPA Panel Answers Questions about Global Collaboration in the User Experience Community

May 12, 2010

Robert Schumacher, PhD, Managing Director, will be presenting on the panel, Of Frogs in Wells and Hearing Your Own Accent.  This panel will take on the challenging topic of ‘managing massive global multi-disciplinary teams.’  Other panelists include Kath Straub, Dean Barker, Steve Burgess, Lou Hoebel, and Samir Chabukswar.

Through his extensive involvement with the global network for user experience, the UXalliance, Dr. Schumacher has much to share on this topic.  The UXalliance is the first of its kind to establish working partnerships with usability consultancies around the world.  The unique knowledge sharing and universal standards for quality throughout the UXalliance has grabbed the attention of the user experience community as well as international clients who look for consistent and worry-free multi-country testing. 

The panel will be held on Thursday, May 27 in Munich, Germany.  For more information about the Usability Professionals’ Association (UPA) International Conference visit https://www.usabilityprofessionals.org/conference/2010.

Panel Abstract:

Global collaboration is an integral part of doing business.  Yet, the user experience community remains resistant.  We seek to chip away at this resistance by bringing together industry leaders with extensive successful global teaming/diversity experience to explore the benefits and challenges of global virtual teams.  Panelists will share concrete insights about and how to avoid the (retrospectively) predictable challenges in cultivating and managing massively global and multi-disciplinary teams.  Along the way, we will answer (!) some of those questions that ever wants to..., but is too polite to ask.

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