User Centric, Inc. Celebrates 10 Years: Impacting the Lives of Millions around the World

October 8, 2009

User experience research touches everyone’s life on a daily basis. It ensures that technology is easy-to-use, intuitive and satisfies user needs. Celebrating 10 years in the user research field, User Centric reflects on how our research positively affects the lives of millions of people every day. From mobile phones to medical devices to enterprise software systems to navigation systems, our research and design has made life easier, safer and more convenient.

A quick search on Google reveals the broad footprint User Centric has across different products and industries:

16,500 participants tested or interviewed face-to-face
850 projects
230 consultants in our global network
200 clients
80 speaking engagements
25 countries in which we’ve conducted testing
24 Fortune 500 clients
10 years in business
4 patents
3 times on Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Companies List (2007-2009)
1 point of contact for global user research and design

Company success means continuous adaptation to the demands and challenges of new technology. “To be successful in this industry, you have to make sure your labs are leading edge, your team is evaluating the latest research trends, and your techniques are tuned to new technology,” said Gavin Lew, Managing Director of User Centric.

Wendy Yee, PhD, Director, also noted, “We’ve been truly fortunate to have close collaborations with our clients. Our clients are the reason that we continue to thrive. It’s our privilege to be their trusted partner in user research and design.”

Growing from three consultants to 20+ US-based consultants and a global network of 230, User Centric has emerged as the "go-to" company for organizations that conduct large-scale or complex user research. As a founding member of the UXalliance, the pre-eminent network of user research firms, User Centric recognized our client’s need for a partner who could ensure successful, seamless testing around the world. With the upcoming release of his edited book, The Handbook of Global User Research, Managing Director Robert Schumacher, PhD, shares hard-won insights on planning, managing and executing global user research. With guidance from contributors in over 20 countries, this book is a must read for professionals working on global research projects.

Through user research, interface design, Webinars, books, and professional journals, User Centric continues to advance and highlight the importance of the user’s experience to the bottom line. If you are looking to enhance your customer’s experience or improve sales and retention, look up User Centric. Chances are, we’re already on it.

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Read about the Handbook of Global User Research

The Handbook of Global User Research collects insight from user experience professionals in over 20 countries. This book is a must-read for professionals working on global research projects. More Info

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