Improve Call Center Agent Performance by Optimizing Agent Performance

January 13, 2009

User experience can have a profound impact on how agents perform with contact center systems. User Centric, Inc. (, a Chicago-based user experience research firm, released a white paper today presenting successful techniques for creating optimal contact center user interfaces. Enhancing human performance with a more usable call center user interface can greatly influence the bottom line by enabling better staff utilization, reducing handle times, decreasing errors, and increasing sales offers. For instance, some things as simple as typography, such as the use of ALL CAPS, slows down users' reading times by 12%, increases error rates, and takes important time away from serving customers.


This white paper will help readers to understand:

  • Unique design considerations for the contact center environment.
  • How to research the items that are in most need of change.
  • What makes designing for contact centers different from a more typical user-centered design process (e.g. for Web sites or applications).
  • The ramifications of design changes within this particular domain - including the likelihood of parallel changes in culture and business processes.

For a free copy of "User Experience in the Contact Center" visit or send an email to Pamela Stoffregen-Gay at

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