Robert Schumacher Invited to Speak in Moscow in Early October 2008

September 26, 2008

User Centric's Managing Director Bob Schumacher was invited by Moscow's User Interface Design Group to provide three workshops on user experience.

Bob's extensive experience in researching and designing interfaces for use in contact centers is the basis for his day-long workshop titled 'User Experience in the Contact Center'. 'There are many ways in which the user's (agent's) experience impacts the organization. If we can understand what's happening in the contact center, what tools the agent's have, how the agents are incented, and the technologies available user experience professionals can provide substantial benefit to agents, management, and customers' says Dr. Schumacher.

Another area of Bob's expertise is demonstrating the return on investment (ROI) of user experience. He will provide a half-day lecture on the understanding the costs and benefits of user research, user testing, and design. He will explore the primary and secondary benefits, as well as the inherent costs involved in user experience research. With his experience in designing and building usability labs, Bob will provide a half-day lecture on the current state of the art in analog and digital usability labs.

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UIDesign Group is a leader in interaction design and usability testing in the Russian market. They design web, desktop and mobile applications as well as information kiosk, voice and TV interfaces for domestic and international companies.

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