Gavin Lew, Leslie McFarlin and Thomas Green to present at HFES 2008

September 5, 2008

Gavin Lew (User Centric), Leslie McFarlin (User Centric), and Thomas Green (User Centric) will give a presentation on text-entry user experience on the iPhone at the 52nd Annual Meeting of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES). Sixty volunteers participated in a within groups study aimed at evaluating the text entry system on the iPhone. All participants completed multiple structured text entry tasks on the iPhone's soft keyboard and two hard-key mobile phone keypads - QWERTY and numeric. Time to message completion and the number of errors per message were collected to identify potential differences in performance between the devices.

About Gavin Lew , Managing Director

As one of the company's founders, Gavin has been instrumental in shaping User Centric as the premier firm in the industry. Gavin's 15 years of experience in corporate and academic environments has given him a strong foundation in user-centered design and evaluation. In addition to managing the company, he holds particular interest in mobile technology, healthcare, and global research projects. Prior to co-founding User Centric, Gavin was president of an internet start-up, principal at a web development company, a member of Ameritech's Human Factors group, and Director at Human Factors International. He is a frequent presenter at national conferences and the inventor of several patents.

About Leslie McFarlin, User Experience Specialist

Leslie's main interest is the application of visual psychophysics and spatial vision research to interface design. She has worked as an intern for the United States Department of Agriculture where she developed a database and designed icons for the Alternative Dispute Resolution Program. At User Centric, Leslie has been involved in studies examining the usability of gaming consoles, parental controls on common electronic devices, and web-based applications. She has also conducted studies involving mobile and auto-injector devices. She is a member of HFES and CHI and a co-author of papers presented at the HFES conferences.

About Thomas Green, User Experience Specialist

Tom is interested in accessibility issues, international user research and how people experience music on the Internet. His primary area of expertise is in user-centered research of Enterprise Software. Tom has been involved in the telecommunications and banking industries where he specialized in application support and development and client management. While with User Centric, he has conducted usability testing in China and led and participated in global projects with other UXA partners. Tom has experience with different products and applications for industries such as technology, telecommunications, transportation, and finance. He is a member of UPA, AIGA, and IxDA.

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