Aga Bojko to Give Lecture at the BFMA Symposium in Las Vegas

May 5, 2008

Associate Director Aga Bojko was invited to present at the 39 th Annual Business Forms Management Association (BFMA) Symposium. Her lecture, Eye Tracking and Usability Testing in Form Layout Evaluation, will discuss two methodologies used to study forms and present a study conducted to validate general guidelines for form layout. The BFMA Symposium will be held May 4-8, 2008 at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Las Vegas, NV .

Presentation Abstract:

How does the human eye move through forms? How can you determine that your form layout facilitates efficient scanning and does not require maximum processing power from the users? How do you know the best location for the field labels in relation to the fields? This session will focus on two methodologies that can be used to objectively evaluate form layout: eye tracking and usability testing. We will (1) provide an overview of the recent research trends in form layout evaluation, (2) present a study that we conducted to compare several alternative form layouts and examine their impact on the efficiency with which the eye samples the page, and (3) discuss general design guidelines created based on findings of usability and eye tracking studies.

About the BFMA International

For 50 years, BFMA International, the Association for Forms and Business Process Professionals, has been providing education on theory and technology for the forms and business processes industry. This Symposium is created by volunteer BFMA members for the education and betterment of themselves and their industry peers. ( )

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