Gavin Lew invited to present User Centric's research on the iPhone at Usability World 2007 in Hamburg, Germany.

October 25, 2007

Gavin Lew, Managing Director of User Centric will present results from all three of User Centric's iPhone studies at the German conference Usability World 2007. The session, "Deconstructing Elements of the iPhone's Interface through Usability" will be the first opportunity to review and discuss our studies with European industry analysts and product and research managers. User Centric's work on the iPhone has received a lot of attention as it was the first independent set of research that was conducted on iPhone owners in the United States. Gavin will be the first speaker on November 2nd. He will be followed by Jakob Nielsen, Clemens Lutsch from Microsoft, and Johannes Schnitzler from Google.

Presentation Abstract:

The well-publicized launch of Apple's iPhone with its multi-touch user interface was the subject of a program of research conducted by User Centric. Many articles were written on the "wow" factor of the iPhone, but almost all reviews were based on opinion or anecdotal references. User Centric's objective was to assess the iPhone's usability from a more rigorous user experience research perspective. In short, the goal was to assess performance, satisfaction and usage employing quantitative and qualitative measures with actual users who were naïve to the testing objectives.

The results from this series of studies will be discussed in this
session. With each study, key objectives were defined with specific
measures, methodologies and participant groups to target device
features and interactions. Each study will be described in detail with
time for questions from the audience. The session will emphasize the
text entry portion of the research and will include:

  • Findings from studies with iPhone owners one week after the iPhone's U.S. product launch
  • Findings from studies with iPhone owners after a month of experience
  • Comparisons of performance with naïve / "walk-up-and-use" users
  • Text
    input differences comparing the iPhone's touch keyboard, standard
    12-button mobile phone keypad, and advanced mobile devices with a full
    QWERTY keyboard
  • User preferences and attitudes toward the iPhone itself
  • User performance with iPhone features

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