Gavin Lew to be speaker and panelist at WebVisions 2006

June 26, 2006

Gavin Lew will be a presenter and panelist on the topic of mobile device user experience at the upcoming WebVisions conference, to be held in Portland on July 20-21, 2006.

Session on Mobile User Experience
The ubiquity of products and services requires mobile phone user interfaces to involve users on a global scale; it is not safe to assume that an interface designed for one region will be useful or usable in another. This session will describe the need to develop new tactics and refine old methods for user research to adapt to a global set of parameters.

Two areas critical to multinational testing of mobile phones will be outlined: First, a rationale for the need to implement user experience research across multiple countries, and an overview of traditional testing protocols along with recommendations for changes to support research across different regions. Case examples and anecdotes taken from thousands of participant testing hours on mobile devices in the U.S. and nine other countries will offer insight and reinforce key takeaways.

Mobile Content Discussion on "Mobile Development Panel"
Gavin will also participate in the "Mobile Development Panel" along with Brian Fling, Kelly Goto and David Adams. His discussion will focus on the challenge of addressing what is critical for customer conversion and usage: whether the user experience truly meets user needs and expectations. While interacting with the panel and audience, Gavin will portray the importance of getting customers to not just convert to, but embrace mobile content; the outcome of this goal will be what is really driving new product development

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