Bob Schumacher presents at the Association for Multimedia Communications

February 1, 2006

Bob Schumacher, Managing Director of User Centric, spoke at a session of the Association for Multimedia Communications ("AMC") on Wednesday, February 1st.

Bob co-presented a talk called "Going Beyond Your Gut Feeling: A Practical Guide to Stronger e-Marketing" with Avery Cohen, Principal at Metrist Partners. This presentation explored the evolution of the user experience and analytics. Analytics provide baseline measurements, show payback potential for improvements and illustrate customer behaviors. User Experience initiatives use observation and interview techniques to evaluate user needs and the Web site qualities that drive those behaviors. This presentation helped participants to step out of their "comfort zone" to strengthen their company's Internet presence.

For more about this event, please visit here.

About the Association for Multimedia Communications

Founded in 1990, the Association for Multimedia Communications (AMC) is Chicago's premier networking and professional organization for people who make New Media happen. Whether it's the Web, CD-ROMs and DVDs, interactive kiosks, streaming media, or other digital forms, the AMC promotes understanding of technology, e-learning, and e-business. The organization's goal since inception has been to help members achieve success through education and networking. For more information, visit this link.

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