User Centric's article on multinational testing published in Interactions

October 26, 2005

An article on overcoming the challenges of multinational testing, written by Agnieszka Bojko, Gavin Lew, and Robert Schumacher from User Centric, appeared in the Nov-Dec 2005 issue of Interactions (Vol. 12, No 6).

The article covers a variety of topics, from hiring local practitioners to help conduct the testing, to tactics used to minimize the loss of information due to language and cultural differences. The authors share their lessons learned from multiple international engagements across five continents.

Interactions is ACM's bi-monthly publication on applied Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). Its primary objective is to communicate ideas, standards, practices, research results and case studies to the practitioner. Users, developers, designers, managers, researchers and purchasers interested in HCI will gain access to leading-edge ideas and tools that emerge from research and development, achieving a true technology transfer from R&D settings to the practitioner community.

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