Usability Diagnostics™ for HIT Solution Providers

Increased usability = Increased clinical adoption

  • Learn how well your HIT interface supports clinical workflow
  • Show your customers how your HIT application supports clinical team efficiency
  • Gain objective feedback on your HIT interface from user interface experts and clinicians
  • Find out which areas of your HIT interface need to be optimized

Measure HIT efficiency, effectiveness, and satisfaction with our tailored service, Usability Diagnostics for HIT Solution Providers.

What are Usability Diagnostics?

Usability Diagnostics are designed to support the needs of HIT solution providers who want to measure usability and improve their application.

  • In controlled research settings, clinicians are asked to use an application to complete common, well-defined clinical activities including use cases outlined by the Office of National Coordinator for Health Information Technology.
  • We provide both quantitative and qualitative data on your HIT application's usability, including satisfaction ratings from our panel of clinical staff research participants.
  • We provide both criterion-based understanding as well as a comparative view of the efficiency of your HIT interface.
  • Our analysis wraps up with prioritized recommendations for optimizing your application's user interface to better support typical clinical activities carried out by your target users.

What does Usability Diagnostics provide?

User Centric's user experience experts will provide detailed and specific insights on areas of your HIT interface that affect clinical staff efficiency . Specifically, we will deliver the following:

  • Independent (objective) feedback on the relevance of an application's user interface to clinicians' activities and workflow
  • Time and performance metrics for HIT application use in research settings
  • Major and minor usability issues faced by clinician staff
  • Benchmarked performance and satisfaction ratings from clinical staff
  • Specific recommendations for addressing screen organization, navigation and workflow, and labeling issues identified by clinical staff

How does my organization use Usability Diagnostics?

Usability Diagnostics will help your organization identify how your HIT interface fares with representative users and identifies potential areas for improvement. This information can be used both for benchmarking and internal comparisons.

Learnability: Initial time to competent performance and ease-of-use among users with limited training on the application

Performance: Efficiency, effectiveness, and satisfaction metrics with the application, including task success rates, time for successful completion, number of steps for completion, number of missteps, and satisfaction/confidence ratings

Relevance: Feedback on the relevance of the application to current workflow specific to the specialties and types of health care organizations represented by physicians participating in the study

How can I start?

Call us at +1.630.320.3900 or email  Our senior management team has extensive experience in usability consulting. We love to talk with potential clients. Starting the dialog and building the level of trust is especially important to us. We'll explain in detail how we can work together and how your team can benefit.

HIT Usability Webinars

User Centric presented a Health IT Usability Webinar Series in September 2009. This series discussed the essentials of usability in the context of Health IT, the fundamentals of measuring user experience, and how to incorporate usability into Health IT development.  All three Webinars can be viewed on demand by visiting  For more information on these webinars or if you'd like to have a live presentation for your club or organization on these topics, please contact Pamela Stoffregen-Gay (

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